Stateless DVD

This release of the award-winning documentary contains tons of extra features and footage not seen in the original release of the film. Extra features include an in-depth look at the Jewish organizations that facilitated this mass exodus, a look at the various conspiracy theories that people entertained, reflections of the younger generation on what the journey meant for them and much more.



Stateless DVD - With Public Performance Rights
The purchase of this PPR version of the DVD allows an institution to exhibit a legally-acquired copy, so long as:

  • No admission fee/donation is collected.
  • The screening takes place at the purchasing venue itself.
  • The primary audience for the screening is members of the purchasing institution (for example, students and faculty of a school) and the screening IS NOT advertised or promoted to the general public

If you wish to host a screening that does not meet the requirements outlined above, please contact info@stateless.us